Why You Need A High Quality Avatar

By 25 September 2014 April 6th, 2015 Blog

Why Do You Need A High Quality Avatar?

Clifford: Are we talking about the movie?
Kevin: Yeah, I think it’s about the movie. Definitely about the movie! Right, guys?
Boof: Don’t look at me man, I’m a dog.

Seriously though, here are 3 reasons why you need a quality portrait/headshot-style avatar:

You Become Real

Having a professionally shot avatar makes you instantly personable. People don’t want to communicate with you through your logo, people want to talk [and do business] with people that are real; human.

A-Grade Quality

Having a quality avatar can enhance the value of your products and services. A professional look that is consistently conveyed across your marketing material will allow you to position your business ahead of competitors.

“Oh, I Remember You”

Having a classy avatar helps people remember you. Even months later people can remember you by icon. Making a memorable impression can pave the way for a Facebook like, a re-tweet or a personal recommendation.

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