Increase Your Chances Of Casting Callbacks

By 27 October 2014 April 5th, 2015 Blog

How Can I Increase My Chances Of StarNow/Model Mayhem Casting Callbacks?

Clifford: A diamond ring.
Kevin: If you produce a dove out of thin air at the conclusion of your audition, you’re hired.
Boof: *rolls on back, exposes tummy and let’s tongue hang out*

Really though, we’ve used StarNow and Model Mayhem countless times to cast models and actors and actresses for our own creative work and have been able to experience first-hand the types of people that usually win the job. So, today we thought we’d share some tips that can increase your chances of a callback from your audition or job application:

Respond Quickly

Don’t leave your application until the last minute. You may be the next Miranda Kerr or Sam Worthington, but if you’re not organised now, what will it be like in the future? Be all business now. Applying early shows you’re enthusiastic and on the ball.

Be Formal, But Don’t Be A Stiff Board

Use appropriate greetings, correct grammar and line breaks in your application message. Don’t use a generic message either. We can always tell. If you’re unsure of how something is spelt, reword the sentence. Always sign off with your full name; signing off with an initial is sloppy and it conveys an unprofessional attitude.

Read Questions And Instructions Carefully

There’s nothing worse than receiving an email that hasn’t answered all the questions one has asked. It wastes precious time and can put doubt into the casting director’s mind about your ability to take direction. So make sure you proof read your response before hitting the send button.

We’ve got a whole lot more techniques which we’ll reveal more as they come up, so keep checking back.

This post was brought to you by Ermahgerd Media’s Kevin Racines and…the letter Q.

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