Great Tips For Your Headshot Shoot

By 30 November 2014 April 5th, 2015 Blog

What Are Some Great Tips For Headshot Shoots?

Kevin: $5 is a good tip.
Clifford: Yeah, $5. That’s the going rate isn’t it? *looks around*
Boof: These guys… Hilariou- oh, a chew toy!

Because headshots show only a small part of you – that is, your face and shoulders – the difference between good and great images are the expressions captured. Now in order to give a photographer natural expressions to capture, you’ve got to be able to feel as comfortable as you possibly can.. As the photographer, I can get you there half way through coaching and directing, but the other half needs to come from you. Read on for some tips to help get you primed for headshot success:


When deciding on an outfit (or outfits) you need to keep comfort as well as looks in mind. You should feel relaxed in your clothes but also look presentable at the same time. I usually tell my clients to dress “smart-casual”. So go with plain tops, avoid patterns, don’t choose super bright or bold colours and wear little or no jewellery/accessories. I say this because the focus should be on your face, not your bling. By the way, for headshots you only need to worry about the top half of your body, so don’t worry too much about pants, shoes, belt, etc.


Being well groomed is a given. That means keep your ear and nose hair trimmed (beards for males may be okay depending on what look you’re going for), teeth brushed and hair cut. Being presentable will make your photos look better while cutting down the work needed in post-production (aka the mighty Photoshop).

Make Up

As a general rule, guys should only wear make up if they have vast differences in skin tone, e.g. dark rings, zits, etc. Girls can wear make up, but it should be as light as possible; that means no smokey eyes or “nightclub coat”. Of course, these are only guidelines and your specific needs may be different.

So to summarise: Bring clothes you like – you know, clothes that lean more towards the “boring” side (your face is the star here). Be well groomed and wear minimal make up. And don’t forget: “If you can dream it, you can do it!”

This post was brought to you by Ermahgerd Media’s Clifford Wood and… Jimmy MacElroy.

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