How Actors Can Benefit From Improv Comedy Lessons

By 29 December 2014 April 5th, 2015 Blog

How Can Improvisational Comedy Help Me Become A Better Actor / Actress?

Clifford: If Kevin’s asking… *turns to Kevin* …Well, no one can help him.
Kevin: *Slaps Clifford* How’s that for spontaneity?
Boof: *Giggles*

If you’re opposed to forking out a small fortune for an unknown acting guru and you’re finding it slow going landing a role in an indie flick, why not try an improv class to hone your acting ability in the meantime? It’s a relatively small investment that allows you to gain some new skills that can enhance your game. Here’s why:

Build Confidence

Improv teaches you to back yourself and take a chance. For the most part, anything you say is correct. So no matter what the situation you’re in, be it an audition or that defining moment in a movie, you can be confident that you can pull it off in and make it look convincing onstage or on camera.

Kick-start Creativity

Practicing improv helps awaken your ability to create new ideas. Did you know that some of the greatest movie scenes of all time were unscripted? If you harness the power of ingenuity you’ll become an actor that will be in a position to produce gems like Leo’s off the cuff scene in Django Unchained.

Develop Focus

A fundamental rule in improv is ‘Make your partner look good’. This means you should never try to hijack a scene for your own glory. Acting is and will always remain a team sport – without a strong collaborated performance by all its cast members (in front and behind the camera) you’re acting will not save a movie. So, support your cast because they support you.

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