About Us

If you’re after digital images, moving or still – we can help you. We are Ermahgerd Media.

Clifford | Photography & Video

As a former Retoucher Cliff wasn’t happy with the quality of photos he was being assigned, so he started taking pictures himself. Now he does both, which gives him creative control and translates into consistently first-class images.

Fun Facts About Clifford:

  • Sported a mullet until the age of thirteen.
  • Was once mistaken as a girl because of said mullet.
  • Now has a irrational fear of the aforementioned mullet.

Kevin | Writing & Management

As a former customer service ninja and amateur comedian, Kevin knows how to structure an easy and efficient service experience with a focus on fun and laughter. He’s giving out bags of smiles and he’s got one with your name on it.

Fun Facts About Kevin:

  • Was once described as a “Poor man’s Jackie Chan” in a high school theatre production. Thanks dad.
  • Secretly still buys pants from the kids section. I guess it’s not a secret anymore.

Boof | Security

Boof used to be a former lap-dog, now the Head Of Security at Ermahgerd Media. But to be honest, we don’t know why – he’s not very good at it. In fact, we cannot guarantee that any candy in your purse will not be eaten by him.

Fun Facts About Boof:

  • His favourite thing to do is eat.
  • His favourite item of clothing is his birthday suit.
  • When not on duty Boof likes to sleep. He does this on duty too.